Total Folder Monitor 1.1

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Total Folder Monitor 1.1

Total Folder Monitor will watch your folder and in case a new file is added
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Total Folder Monitor will watch your folder and in case a new file is added executes predefined action. That's the right solution to automate all your routine tasks. The actions Total Folder Monitor can do include:
- Create file list
- File Operation (copy, move or delete)
- Run application (doc converter, excel converter, pdf printer, etc.)
- Send e-mail with some text
- Terminate task or project
- Zip pack/unpack the files
- Custom action - let us know what you need and we will create the action for you.

The task will get active if the size of the new file or the number of files exceeds the limit you set. For example, Total Folder Monitor can automatically convert any new file in the folder that is more than 1Mb in size or start conversion if there are 3 or more new files in the folder. Note that Total Folder Monitor can be easily integrated with file converters from CoolUtils. So if your repetitive task is to convert audio, image, video, doc, html, pdf, tiff or any other files Total Folder Monitor is all-in-one solution for you.

Total Folder Monitor allows you to set different tasks for 4 main occasions:
1. Run (this action will be executed when task event occurs)
2. On Success (this action will be executed if Run action was executed without errors)
3. On Error (this action will be executed if Run action produces an error)
4. On Resume (this action will be executed if Run action works well after the error)

You may modify or delete the set action any time you like. Total Folder Monitor does all the routine automatically saving your time and effort. Try it now for free with no obligation and see for yourself.
- No need for you to watch any folder and do repetitive tasks manually
- Real time response. Total Folder Monitor executes predefined action right when it should be done. Even if you check your folders every 10 minutes, you may be slower.
- Run and forget. No headache to do certain tasks, the program does everything for you.
- A very flexible solution. Total Folder Monitor can be tailored to your needs (either you want every new file to be copied, or moved, or unzipped, etc.)
- CoolUtils is proud of its software. We have many other programs (tiff, pdf, html, doc converters, tiff/pdf splitters and combiners) that can be seamlessly integrated into Total Folder Monitor. You get all-in-one solution from one reliable developer.

Hundreds of our clients have already automated their file processing and benefited a lot. That's not about saving your time but also about saving your efforts which leads to higher productivity. Let Total Folder Monitor do routine job for you, we are in the 21st century after all.

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Marian Stoica
Great. Easy to use. This is an easy and simple solution to scan from ScanSnap direct into OneNote.

4 months ago Was it helpful?  yes(0) no(0) | Reply


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